Collar x Malice [X-Day Countdown IX – The April Incident] – translation

I’m super excited for the upcoming release of a new game from Otomate – Collar x Malice, which seems to be a mix of an otome and a murder-mystery game. So, I decided to translate a little something from its website. Namely, the so-called “X-Day Countdown,” which, to my understanding, is a little story about a series of crimes which lead up to the events in the game proper…

Anyway, here it is!

April 1st, 20XX – It all began with a certain video…

A video which suddenly started playing on the large screen in front of Shinjuku Station – it showed restrained figures who looked like police officers.

“In order to change this rotten Japan, from this moment onwards, the X-Day Countdown will begin.”

A computerized voice began to list the scandals the four people were involved in.

“Illegal investigations, mistaken arrests, backdoor deals with crime syndicates, embezzlement, forging evidence, use of violence in police questioning, driving colleagues to suicide through the abuse of power…

“Criminals like them have to be judged.

“We will restore reason to the world. We will change this world, in which those who are weak are continually abused.”

With the noisy crowd thinking it was just a prank or a commercial in poor taste, the detached voice continued to echo through Shinjuku.

Then, the video ended with these words:

“X-Day Countdown IX”

Together with this video, the gruesome countdown had begun.


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