Collar x Malice [X-Day Countdown VIII – The May Incident] – translation

Continued translation of this.

May 1st – the kidnapping and murder of police officers
With the four police officers shown in the disturbing video in April still missing, the incident began to move towards the worst possible outcome.
This video, aired on a different network than the one in April, was released thorough the entire country.

“The time for judgement has come.”

After these abrupt words, gunshots could be heard on the video.
As the men, made to wear masks resembling cartoon animals, were shot one-by-one, the computerized voice began laughing.

Once the “judgement” of the four men ended, the voice announced:
“These people were sinners, who committed crimes while holding the position of ‘police officers’.”

“To celebrate the coming of X-Day, we have carried out their judgement.

“This is not the end. From now on, for the sake of this country’s rebirth, we will continue to work in the name of justice.

“We are ‘Adonis’.”

In that moment, the voice, which up until then had been indifferent, changed completely.

“Hello, everyone! Make sure to remember this name, okay? And here’s to this world becoming a paradise one day! ♥

“X-Day Countdown VIII”

After this, when the police finally pinned down the location of the crime scene, they were already too late. A body of one of the victims was identified.

However, the bodies of the other three men had all disappeared, with only bloodstains left behind.


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