Collar x Malice [X-Day Countdown VII – The June Incident] – translation

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June 1st – The bombing of a junior high school.

The students of a single class were killed in a bombing incident in a junior high school located in Shinjuku.

Due to the fact that the explosion occurred at the same time a school science experiment was being carried out, it had been thought to be an accident at first, but due to the scale of the incident, it was determined to be an intentional crime.

A “VII” written in Roman numerals was discovered on the rooftop of the school building together with a coin, both of which were identical to those found on the site of the May incident. Because of this, it was announced that this bombing is very likely connected to the terrorist acts from April and May.

Since no fingerprints could be found on the scene, and all of the victims were dead, the circumstances surrounding the incident are unclear. Traces of the explosive substance have been discovered, however, they were comprised of materials a regular person could easily get their hands on.

As a culture festival took place a few days before the incident, people unrelated to the school could freely enter and leave the school grounds. Because of this it is difficult to pin down any suspects.

Some time after the incident, in the middle of June, the people who called themselves ‘Adonis’ released another video.

“A tragic incident has occurred.

“However, it was not indiscriminate murder. All of the people who died were sinners.

“If you knew the extend of the sins they were carrying, you would agree with us.

“In order to bring relief from this sorrow, we, Adonis, will continue to pass down judgement on criminals.

“X-Day Countdown VII”

The police began to refer to this chain of crimes as “X-Day Incidents”, and established an investigation headquarters in Shinjuku Police Station.


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