Collar x Malice [X-Day Countdown VI – The July Incident] – translation

July 1st – the killing of a stalker.

A man who had been persistently stalking a certain woman was killed by a passer-by after a scuffle.

The perpetrator is currently under arrest, but according to the testimonies of those who witnessed the incident, there’s a strong possibility that he was acting in self-defense.

However, as the criminal was, in the past, suspected of taking part in May’s X-Day incident, the trial is being prolonged, and, as of December 5th, he is still being held in custody.

After the incident, a “6” written in Roman numerals was discovered in the victim’s house, together with a coin identical to those discovered on the previous crime scenes.

Because of this, it is suspected that either the stalker’s victim or the perpetrator of the current crime have a connection to the terrorist organization. However, even after thoroughly investigating their past, no conclusive evidence to support this was found.

At the beginning of August, a new X-Day video was released on the net, making it clear that July’s incident was a part of the ‘countdown’.

“Being held in custody for justified self-defense… Don’t you think that’s unreasonable?

“Even though he’s a hero that saved a woman from a stalker, he’s being treated like a criminal.

“She had been reporting her stalker for a long time, yet the police did nothing to help her.

“We, Adonis, could not overlook such a tragedy, and we brought the criminal to justice in her stead.

“X-Day Countdown VI

“That is not all – this month, we will carry out yet another judgement as a part of the countdown.

The police are currently divided into two camps: those who speculate that the victim of the stalker was a member of Adonis herself, and those who think that Adonis simply decided to make use the incident after it had already happened.


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