Collar x Malice [X-Day Countdown V – The August Incident] – translation

Serial killings of online game players

Similar to the school bombing in June, this incident also caused a huge number of casualties. Out of all the incidents so far, this one caused the biggest panic among the general public, as users of the aforementioned online games are spread out thorough the entire country.


August 2nd

Three men were shot to death.



All of the murders took place in Shinjuku, but they were spread out across a wide area. There was absolutely no correlation between the time when the murders occurred or the age of the victims.

Nevertheless, a Roman numeral “5” was carved into the which bullets left on the scene together with the Adonis coins. From this, it was determined that these incidents were connected to the X-Day case.

From August 5th to 7th, a total of nine people were murdered, in “sets” of three murders each day.

The police called for caution, but as the users of the game in question number in thousands, spread out across the entire country, panic spread everywhere.

As the number of victims kept growing, the opposition towards the police who could not find any suspects also started to rise.

Due to various problems, the investigation was chaotic:

  • No conclusive evidence was discovered on any of the crime scenes
  • The witnesses couldn’t agree on the time the crimes had occurred or whether they had heard gunshots or not
  • Since quite a few of the players reside in Shinjuku it’s impossible to pin down any suspects
  • Either the victims’ PCs or the game servers had been hacked, making the investigation difficult

On August 11 another three players of the aforementioned game were killed. All of the victims belonged to a “Shinjuku guild” and the fact they they all actually resided in Shinjuku was confirmed.

On social media many people began to speculate whether in-game bullying might’ve been the cause of the incident. Discord between players wasn’t limited to members of the “Shinjuku guild”, it spanned many guilds and even spilled over into other games. People who participated in the bullying started to panic.

18 August.

A person who regretted the internet bullying he had participated in was found dead. The cause of death was suicide. The victim wasn’t a resident of Shinjuku.

At the end of August, another video with a robotic voice appeared on the net.

“Many people are saying that this was indiscriminate murder. That there was no justice in it.

“You simply don’t know yet. You don’t know that they had to be killed.

“They had committed crimes severe enough that they had to be judged. We were simply protecting future victims.

“X-Day Countdown V”

People are afraid of Adonis.

Distrust towards the police who can’t make any progress in their investigation is growing.

Up until now the incidents have only been occurring in Shinjuku, but what would happen if Adonis decided to go beyond the city?

If people have been killed over online bullying, just what kind of “crimes” will be judged next?

What if it’s my turn next?

The “Shinjuku Quarantine” as well as the “Shinjuku-limited lifting of the Swords and Firearms Control Law” were both established due to this incident.



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