Collar x Malice – General Info

Soo, I know I’ve been translating the backstory stuff for Collar x Malice, but if you’ve been wondering what the game is actually about, here I am with some general info about the story as well as the main character bios.

(You could argue I should’ve started with this and you’d probably be right (;・∀・)

All of this is translated info from the official website, except for the parts which are obviously not, lol.

Now hold on to yer butts, because this is gonna be long.



“Who put this collar on me?..”

A series of brutal crimes nicknamed “X-Day Incidents” occur in Shinjuku. The heroine works as a police officer in the (now dangerous) city.

Every day, she tirelessly runs around the city in order to ensure its safety. One night, she is attacked by someone who puts a collar containing deadly poison on her neck.

Amidst her confusion, suspicious men appear before her. All of them former police workers, they are now working individually, trying to solve the X-Day case – or so they say.

Not knowing whether she can trust them or not, the heroine suddenly finds herself in possession of the key to solve this case.

In order to get rid of the poisonous collar and to free Shinjuku from the evil threatening it, they start investigating the case together.
Who is the person holding her life in their grasp? Will the day of Shinjuku’s rebirth really come?


twittericon_a06s_ichikaIchika Hoshino (市香星野)

(first name can be changed)

21 years old. Started working as a police officer six months earlier.

Currently a member of the Department for Crime Prevention in Special Areas in Shinjuku. She might lack experience, but she is determined to help whoever she can.

One day, unexpectedly, someone who claimed to have a connection to the X-Day crimes put a poisonous collar on her neck. Confused and afraid, and suddenly with a possible key to solving the case at hand, she begins to investigate the incidents.

(Our heroine. I have nothing to add expect this is all I can think of when looking at her ・ω・)

twittericon_a01s_aijiAiji Yanagi (柳愛時)

cv: Morita Masakazu

“Don’t give up. If you ever feel like you might collapse, I’ll lend you an arm.”

28 years old. A former member of the first division of the criminal investigation bureau. He quit his job for unknown reasons and is now investigating the X-day incidents on his own.

He has a calm and thoughtful demeanor and a strong sense of justice. Sharp and quick-witted, he is able to make judgements based not only on pre-existing knowledge, but insight as well.

For some reason, he appears shocked when he first meets the heroine…

“I won’t make any more mistakes. I won’t let you cry. …For this reason, I will pull the trigger.”

(Our poster boy, and he seems like a decent guy all around. I wonder if you’ll have to unlock his route like Lupin’s in Code:Realize?)

twittericon_a02s_keiKei Okazaki (岡崎契)

cv: Kaji Yuuki

“I… can’t protect you.”

26 years old. A member of the security bureau who acts as a guard for the rest of the group. The reasons for why he is doing this are unclear. He has a gentle personality, tends to do things at his own pace and can seem like a bit of an airhead. Seems to have a special air about him that makes people trust him easily.

His special ability is being able to fall asleep at any time and place. (I’m jealous)

“Why did it have to be you? If it were someone else I would’ve been able to focus only on my duty.”

(He seems so cute and cuddly I can’t really picture him as a guard ( ´∀`) He’s apparently a “genius sniper” too)

twittericon_a03s_mineoMineo Enomoto (榎本峰雄)

cv: Saitou Souma

“Why are you so cute? It’s pissing me off!”

23 years old. Formerly belonged to the riot squad, second division.

Impulsive and reckless. For better or for worse, he is completely unable to lie.Due to his cheerful and optimistic personality he is the ‘life of the party’.

Argues with Takeru a lot.

He harbors feelings of suspicion towards the heroine due to her possible connection with the criminal group.

Could these suspicions be caused by an incident from his past…?

“I told you, there’s nothing to worry about, so stop making that face. Leave everything to the amazing Mineo!”

(What’s with all the “mysterious incidents in the past” (笑) Tbh, Mineo seems to be the type of a character I tend to like the least so eh. There’s always the room for surprise, though, right?)

twittericon_a04s_takeruTakeru Sasazuka (笹塚尊)

cv: Namikawa Daisuke

“Listen to my orders, stupid cat”

24 years old. Used to be a member of the cyber crime prevention team, but he quit after a few months.

He’s smart, but he has a sharp tongue and tends to focus primarily on himself. Because of this, he is often disliked by others.He finds it hard to trust other people and thinks mostly in terms of whether he can use them or not.

Because of something that happened in his past, he’s developed a trauma of guns.

He usually acts cool, but has a soft spot for sweets (especially donuts.)

“…And you still dare call yourself a cop? If have no intention of pursuing the case, you can leave now.”

(He probably has the most unusual design of the group, with the red eyes and the silvery-blue hair. That means we get not one but TWO pretty white-haired boys in this game!  And of course, we had to have a donut-loving cop, lol)

twittericon_a05s_kageyukiKageyuki Shiraishi (白石景之)

cv: Kimura Ryouhei

You can’t go further than this. Do you want to die?”

29 years old. Currently works for the police as a forensic researcher. Specializes in profiling.Assists the special response team established in the wake of the X-Day incidents.

He is a mysterious individual, always wearing a smile on his face, which makes it difficult to determine his real intentions.

His hobby is watching people and whenever he has free time he likes to ‘play’ by analyzing people around him and messing with them. Has a strange interest in the collar the heroine is wearing…

Ahaha, you think I’m the criminal, don’t you?”

(*chants “fave, fave, fave”*

I get that he’s meant to be mysterious and maybe a bit creepy, but the cat ears kinda take the edge off, lol.

From the description I’m guessing he is a massive troll a’la Jade from Tales of the Abyss. Hoping for it, in fact.)


First of all, let me formally apologize for all the police-related vocab I butchered in my translation, lol.

I’m… kind of a massive fan of mystery/suspense type stuff in video games, which is probably why I enjoy the Ace Attorney series so much. That’s why the whole crime solving aspect of the game drew me in instantly. And according to the official page, it is going to have crime scene inspection/investigation elements like in Ace Attorney!

So here’s hoping that the mystery is done well. I think it might potentially suffer due to the fact the story will be split into different routes, as is typical for otome games, but who knows? I also tend to enjoy playing through different routes of a game, each uncovering another puzzle piece which then all come together to create the big picture in the end.

I’m also a big fan of the art direction, and from the screens on the website both the sprites and the background look great. We don’t have any gameplay videos yet, but there’s still two months left, so… (´・ω・`)

If you haven’t been able to tell, I’m particularly intrigued by Kageyuki’s character, mainly because I have no idea what direction they’re going to take his route into, and what the hell a romance route with a character like him is going to look like (for some reason I’m picturing a repeat of Hatoful Boyfriend’s Iwamine Shuu.)

Also, cat ears. I mean, the whole game seems to be cat-themed, but cat eaaaars.


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