Collar x Malice [X-Day Countdown III – The October Incident] – translation

Short story today. Also, as of the day this post goes up, this is the last piece of the X-Day Countdown from the official website. I don’t know if we’ll be getting any more before the game’s release, though I would assume so.

But since I’m done with this for now, I might do side character bios next? Or something. Or maybe I should get on translating stuff for other games, but I dunno which (´・ω・`)

October 7th

A video with the name of “X-Day Countdown” showing the Roman numeral “3” and a coin was uploaded to the internet.


“This world doesn’t need us.

“Not allowed to seek happiness, from the moment of our birth we were treated as something unneeded.

“That’s why we should also abandon the world that has abandoned us. Let’s destroy the cause of our sorrow.

“X-Day Countdown III”

The investigation headquarters was put on guard, because the video closely resembled the one that had been uploaded in September, but since the perpetrator of the August incident was being kept in custody, it would have been impossible for him to commit another crime.

In addition to that, no further incidents occurred on the day the video appeared on the internet, and no deaths were reported.

However, the following day Sunamori hung himself in his cell.

With the only clue pertaining to the X-Day incident lost, the truth of the case was once again shrouded in darkness.


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