7’scarlet – General Info


To take a little break from translating Collar x Malice stuff I decided to take a look at another upcoming game from Otomate – 7’scarlet. Similar to CxM, it seems to be focused on some sort of a mysterious “incident”, but it has a very different vibe to it than CxM. This one is much more focused on myths and urban legends style stuff.


Summer holidays.
Okunezato, a town surrounded by nature.
A year ago, in this town, the heroine’s brother suddenly disappeared.

This town, shaped like a crescent moon, is filled with a somewhat nostalgic atmosphere, and is also known for its rumors and urban legends.

In contrast with its declining population, modern buildings have been appearing one ofter another on the main street, and among certain young people the town became known as a “mystery spot.”

One day, before the summer holidays, Ichiko Hanamaki, the heroine and a university student, receives an invitation from her childhood friend and a fellow student, Hino Kagutsuchi. He invites her to visit Okunezato, the town in which her brother had disappeared.

Hino, having found a website where people talk about the legends and mysteries of Okunezato – Okunezato’s Forbidden Club – decided to take part in an IRL meeting organized by the site, and use it as an opportunity to search for Ichiko’s brother.

Pressured by Hino, Ichiko decides to head to Okunezato.

The club members gathered in the hotel Fuurin*: the live-in chef, Isora Amari, the cat lover, Toa Kushinada, the med student, Sousuke Tatehira and the hotel’s owner, Yujiki Murakumo. Together with the genius middle-schooler managing the hotel, Yuki Hirasaka, the landscape photographer, Kagura Tsukuyomi, the surly novelist, Chikage Karasuma, and the game-loving hotel employee, Yua Susano, they all get wrapped up in a strange series of events.

Little by little, the town’s other face comes into view: a legend about corpses that sounds as if it might just be real, the traces of the heroine’s disappeared brother, the strange incidents, a real kinsokuchi and flowers, which bloom only in this town…

The truth of these incidents starts moving towards a conclusion nobody could’ve seen coming…

*I’ll level with you – I have no idea if that’s how the hotel’s name is supposed to be read and I couldn’t find an official reading, lol




Ichiko Hanamaki (花蒔イチコ)

First name can be changed

A perfectly normal university student.

She’s searching for her older brother, who disappeared a year ago.

Thanks to an invitation from her childhood friend, she decides to head to Okunezato, the town where her brother was last seen.


Hino Kagutsuchi (迦具土ヒノ)

CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki

“If anything happens, tell me right away. You don’t have to worry about me.”

The heroine’s childhood friend and a student at the same university.

Has a positive and competitive personality. Belongs to the university futsal club and as such, he’s very athletic.

In reality, he loves cute things and collects character-themed goods as a hobby, but he keeps this a secret from the people around him.

isora_chibiIsora Amari (甘利イソラ )

CV: Tetsuya Kakihara

“It’s fine, it’s fine! Actually, I’ll welcome you with open arms, especially since you’re a cute girl!”

A man with a love for cooking, he aims to become a patissier.

Has a cheerful and friendly personality. 

He’s still a chef-in-training, but is good at cooking just about anything.

Works part-time as chef at the hotel cafe.


toa_chibiToa Kushinada (櫛奈雫トア)

CV: Shōtarō Morikubo (holy shit it’s Impey. And Yousuke. That was unexpected, lol)

“Only cats ever come to meet me…”

A cat-loving nerd.

He’s quite bad at interacting with people, so he usually averts his eyes when talking and uses polite speech.

Has no athletic abilities whatsoever. Often trips on nothing.

Due to his nearsightedness he has to wear very strong glasses. Even during summer he always wears his favorite padded kimono.

sosuke_chibiSousuke Tatehira (建比良ソウスケ)

CV: Chiharu Sawashiro

“Well, it must’ve been too difficult for you to understand. Forget what I just said.” 

A tall young man the heroine meets in Okunezato.

While a quiet person, he also can be quite argumentative at times.

Unexpectedly, outdoor activities are his hobby.

His sense of humor is nonexistent, and if he doesn’t explicitly say “I’m joking”, nobody would be able to notice he’s been making a joke in the first place.


yuzuki_chibiYuzuki Murakumo (叢雲ユズキ)

CV: Miki Shinichiro (I knew it was him the second I heard his voice www)

“My word here is law. If you don’t like that, you can get out right now.”

The owner of the hotel the protagonists are staying at.

The most influential person in town and the only son of the Murakumo family.

He usually assumes a high-handed attitude and never smiles. As such, he’s typically seen as a person that’s difficult to approach.

He’s similarly cold towards the heroine, who’s started working part-time at the hotel cafe.

(Tbh, from what I’ve seen of him so far, this guy seems to be a right asshole)



To be honest, I wasn’t too interested in this title right at the start, but the more I’m reading about it, the more curious I get. I’m getting this nice vibe from it, like… I guess I could compare it to a “scary story you tell your friends when you’re sitting around the campfire.” I’ve always loved reading about urban legends and the like, so this seems right up my alley. I don’t know if this will go more the supernatural route or if it will be more grounded in reality, only time will tell.

The character design I’m not too crazy about, but from the gameplay videos I can tell that the backgrounds are really, really pretty.

I’m almost sad this isn’t getting a summer release, since this seems like a perfect summer read!

That said, the two issues with 7’scarlet I’m having right now are:

  • I’m not too interested in any of the guys (except maybe Tou, he cute ww)
  • It doesn’t seem like the heroine will have much of a personality

However, if the plot turns out to be strong, I can see myself getting it just for that, so I’ll keep an eye out!


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