Collar x Malice [X-Day Countdown II – The November Incident] – translation

A few days ago new pieces of the X-Day story were uploaded to the Collar x Malice website, so here is the translation of the next one!

By the way, the post after this one will be the last of the “X-Day Countdown” translations, since the countdown has finally ended.

November 5th – the traffic “accident”

Two people were killed in a traffic accident in which a truck collided with a police motorcycle.

The incident was considered an accident at first, but from security footage and the like it was confirmed that the traffic lights had been manipulated, and the police recognized the possibility that a crime might have been committed.

The police’s traffic control system was hacked and a row of Roman “twos” was displayed on the hacked monitors. Not only that, one of the victims of the traffic accident had been holding an Adonis coin. Because of that, the police began investigating this incident as a part of the X-Day case.

Afterwards, Adonis uploaded another video to the net.


“In this world, there are people who should not be allowed to live.

“People who trample all over others for personal gain, recognition, or out of a sense of superiority…

“We, Adonis, will judge those whose ego is tainted with ugly greed.

“X-Day Countdown II”


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