Collar x Malice [X-Day Countdown I – ???] – translation

December, the month in which the countdown would finally reach 1.

A single letter arrived at the building where a group of former police officers had gathered.

It was a warning from Adonis.


“As a part of the X-Day Countdown, on December 6th, at midnight, we will poison a woman in Shinjuku Gyoen.

“There is only one method of saving her. You have to input the code written below into the collar she is wearing.

“However, if you let the police know about this, we will immediately kill her.

“Even if you manage to save her, do not spread information about the collar’s existence to the public. We will be observing both you and her through the collar.

“In the event that you take action we do not agree with, we will be not be able to guarantee the woman’s safety.”

That night marks the beginning of this story…


Well, that’s all of the “X-Day Countdown.”  I quite enjoyed both reading and translating these.

What I’m wondering about, though, is this – in this type of story the major draw is usually finding out “whodunnit.” So, at first, I thought we’d be trying to find out who belongs to this “Adonis” organization.

But the official website lists the members of Adonis. So that won’t be the issue.

From this last piece of story we got here, it also strikes me that the people behind Adonis are playing quite the dangerous game. I mean, they’re basically sending an incriminating piece of evidence directly to the people who are investigating them (´・ω・`)

Of course, it comes with basically taking the heroine hostage, but they’re really banking on the fact that the group won’t figure out a way to investigate despite the presence of the collar, lol

Anyway, I’m pretty pumped for this game still – 28 July can’t come fast enough!


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