The Otome Corner – Yukyuu no Tierblade ~Lost Chronicle~

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so I thought I’d do another translation for an otome game I’m somewhat interested in. So, let’s dive into the world of Yukyuu no Tierblade (AKA the “Eternal Tierblade”)!

All the info comes from the official website. Everything but the “world” section are just straight translations. Well, except my thoughts at the end, obviously, lol.

CcbYNOgUkAEzD1N.jpg large


In the far future the earth has been left in ruin after the last war.

Due to air pollution, the average human lifespan has more than halved.

In a future like this, Shud, a boy living in the slums, runs into a mysterious fugitive, Atarba. From him, he hears a story about a certain girl.

The girl’s name is “Eve”. She has spent three thousand years living in an ancient underground shelter, “the Neosphere”, together with a management AI, Craydol. She is said to hide a certain forbidden power within herself.

Upon learning this, Shud decides to use this power to cleanse the earth and so, together with Atarba, he heads to the Neosphere. However, as soon as they manage to meet with Eve, they are attacked by the army.

They have no way of standing against the might of the army’s gigantic, human-shaped weapons.

But, as if responding to Eve being in danger, a pure-white machine, “Tierblade”, appears before them…


The world in Tierblade is basically divided into “The Surface” and “The Neosphere.”

The Surface is what you’d expect from a post-apocalyptic wasteland: the air and the soil are heavily polluted, diseases are rampant and the average human lifespan is half of what it is in our real world.

Humans are made in factories, where they are assigned a job right after “birth”. Those who abandon this assigned job and those born naturally are left to live in the slums. There are three such factories in the world and nobody knows who made them and for what purpose. Those who oversee them are known as “priests” and hold a position higher than government or army officials.

The Neosphere is an ancient underground shelter (and it is VERY pretty). It’s big enough to house a million people, but for some reason Eve lives in it alone. Over 3000 years most of the buildings inside have been consumed by the wilderness and nothing but ruins remain.



A girl from the ancient times who has spent the past three thousand years in the Neosphere, an underground shelter, living together with Craydol, a management AI.

She doesn’t have any memories from before going into the shelter.

She has a bit of a “my-pace” personality, but she’s a lot more active than she looks. She also likes to exercise.

(I adore her design. She’s. So. Cute. I dunno how to explain it, but I kinda felt like a lot of otome protags look kinda… same-y, so the long blue hair at least sets her apart a bit.)


CV: Ishikawa Kaito

A boy from the surface, who came to the Neosphere together with Atarba, hoping to save his friends who are suffering because of air pollution. He promised Eve, whom he owes his life to, that someday he’ll show her the “sky”.

Since he had to survive the harsh climate of the surface, he’s not only quick-witted, but he also possesses considerable physical strength and knowledge of various survival techniques. You could call him “strong” in more than one sense of this word.

However, since he’s rather soft-hearted by nature, the general store he ran in the slums didn’t really bring in much money, considering the amount of work he puts into it.

(Everything about him screams: “I’m the generic main character.”)


CV: Takuma Terashima

A mysterious young man, who seems to have run away from a certain government facility. While looking for Eve, in accordance with his late brother’s last words, he meets Shud by chance.

He seems to have led a high-class lifestyle as a member of the government and as a result, he seems to lack knowledge about the way life works in the outside world. On top of that, he’s even less fit than Eve.

Because of this, he tends to complain a lot, so he gets into arguments with Shud often.

From the moment of his birth he’s been holding “memories not of his own, but of a journey spanning several hundred years”. The key to solving the mystery of these memories… could it also have something to do with Eve?

(Atarba, whose name I have no clue how to romanize, is a lot more up my alley. Def. intrigued about why he was being kept locked up in a government facility, for one)


CV: Takashi Kondou

A mysterious man who has been brought back from the dead thanks to Eve and her companions.

Since the revival process has been imperfect, his memories haven’t fully made it back. However, the ID he had been holding was intact and from this they figured out his name and the fact that he used to be a council member.

On one hand, he’s the adult figure who steps in between the argument-prone Shud and Atarba, but… He’s also quite a flirt and so, he ends up making passes at Eve at every opportunity. (Oh, so he’s one of these guys)

For a former council member, he seems to be oddly familiar with machines…


CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

A special member of the government troop chasing after Eve.

As if in contrast with his incredible piloting skills, he can be ruthless and cruel, going as far as to using his own subordinates as a shield if he deems them worthless.

He seems to know Eve, but neither Eve nor Craydol have any memories of him.

(He seems to be totally nuts and I hope his route lives up to it)


CV: Tetsuya Kakihara (Okay, so I was expecting him to be the “mascot character” with a voice a’la Kyubey from Madoka. Boy was I surprised when I heard the voice samples.)

An AI accompanying Eve.

Even though he looks unassuming, he’s in charge of all the functions of the Neosphere. The small robot is just one his many interfaces.

Since he’s an AI, he’s methodical and can be quite fussy about small details, but he always acts with Eve’s interest in mind. Due to some sort of malfunction, his speech breaks down sometimes.

He’s the only one opposed to Eve going to the surface, but he’s made a promise to a certain person there…




(Name can be changed)

A girl with the same name as the Eve who lived in the world of 3000 years ago.

The sister of Gil, the leader of the Templars. She’s adored by people around her, who refer to her as “princess”.

In contrast with the other Eve, she has a bright and cheerful personality and together with Aina (who’s a minor character, just FYI), she supports her undisciplined brother.

Omake: He’s not technically a part of the “main characters” crew on the website, but he seems important. Hell, he appears in the opening movie right next to the main four guys together with the screen turning ominously dark.



CV: Juurouta Kosugi

A long time ago – before even time of the ancient civilization, a disaster took place. The AIs who had inadvertently caused this catastrophe were then expunged from the surface. Arcadia is the last one remaining—a fully autonomous AI.

Having destroyed the ancient civilization three thousand years before the events of the game, now, together with Rou he is looking for Eve in the Neosphere for a “certain” reason.

“In all those years there has not been a single day in which I did not think about you.”


For people who live in a post-apocalyptic world they sure don’t look it, LMAO, those clothes are fancy af. Maybe I’d understand if only the important guys were dressed in pimped-out clothes, but even Shud, who supposedly lives in the slums, has nice clothes.

I dunno, I’ve never been a huge fan of the mecha genre, so I wasn’t that interested in Tierblade at first (perhaps it hasn’t been entirely clear but yes, the Tierblades are mechas), then I started reading what’s on the website and now I’m quite intrigued?… Plus the art is SO pretty.

From the looks of it it seems like there are only four romanceable characters in this one, which isn’t a lot, but of course, quality > quantity, right? It also makes me think there might be a secret route.

…Okay, I’ll say it: if either Craydol or Arcadia DON’T turn out to have a route, I’m gonna eat my shirt on camera. (I mean seriously, Craydol even has an attractive human form, c’mon)


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