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Today we’re tackling another one of Otomate’s upcoming games, this one scheduled for a release sometime in 2017 – Shiro to Kuro no Alice (Alice of Black and White)


The white world was covered in white mist, its sky full of clouds.

The heroine – Airi – is a 2nd year high school student, living her life peacefully. One rainy day after school she meets a boy.

He doesn’t have an umbrella with him and he tells Airi that he has “come for her”. Confused, she tries to escape, but he captures her instead.

Before she realized it, Airi found herself surrounded by unfamiliar scenery. The man who had brought her there introduced himself as Rain, the Black Rabbit and said this to her:

“Alice, from now on you’ll be this world’s queen.”

The black world’s skies were clear and blue as far as they eye can see.

This country is ruled by a young woman – queen Luna. However, she suddenly found herself under attack due to a coup d’état. Her two advisors – Rain, the black rabbit and Snow, the white rabbit – had been observing this grave situation and came up with a plan:

“Let’s evacuate the queen into the White World and bring a new candidate here.”

And that was how how Luna was brought into the White World and Airi into the Black World.

Thus begins the story of two girls who swapped places and a mystery connecting the two worlds…



A 2nd year student at Aiya Academy. She’s surrounded by loving family and friends and spends her days peacefully.




The current queen of the Black World. She has a strong sense of responsibility, hates losing, and considers her position as Queen to be a point of pride.



Rain ~The Black Rabbit~

CV: Yuuichirou Umehara

“It’s useless. You’ll spend the rest of your life here as the queen.”

One of queen’s advisors. Always calm and collected, he doesn’t talk much. He puts his duties above all else and he treats Airi with a cold demeanor. The white rabbit, Snow, is his twin brother.

(And now your dreams of dating Sebastian Michaelis shall finally be realized! …Sort of.)

bw_alice_tw4Snow ~The White Rabbit~

CV: Toshiki Masuda

“Do not worry. Nobody pays mind to the small details anyway.”

One of queen’s advisors and Rain’s twin brother. He’s gentle and kind and is always seen wearing a calm smile. When it comes to his duties, he can be forceful, however his smile doesn’t fade even at those times.

bw_alice_tw5Minette ~The Cheshire Cat~

CV: Ryouhei Kimura (aw fuck, that’s the same VA as Shiraishi)

“You’re pretty cute. Where are you from? How old are you?” (basically “ASL?” lol)

A self-proclaimed wizard. He’s quite beautiful, but due to his erratic behavior nobody can predict what he’ll do next.

bw_alice_tw6Jack ~The Knight of Hearts~

CV: Kazuyuki Okitsu

“Um, the weather is nice today… Ah, actually, it’s not… Um…”

The commander of castle knights. Serious and kind, he’s a proficient swordsman. When he’s in front of Luna he gets nervous and starts acting strangely. He and Minette, the Cheshire Cat, were childhood friends.

(That hair! Out of all the long-haired boys I’ve seen in otome games, this might be the record.)

bw_alice_tw7Nello ~The March Hare~

CV: Hiro Shimono

“Seems dull. How about I take you out somewhere?”

A merchant who visits the castle often. Likes fun and interesting things, dislikes complicated and difficult ones. He’s friends with Kanon, so they’re often seen together.

(“Likes interesting things, dislikes difficult things”… god, could you get any more generic with these descriptions?)

bw_alice_tw8Kanon ~The hatter~

CV: Natsuki Hanae

“As for me, I’m already tired. See ya.”

A young boy who runs a hat shop in the city. In contrast with his pretty face, he has a rather mean personality and is typically indifferent towards others. He’s quite skilled with his hands and as such sewing and embroidery are his talents.


Okay, so I know the story of Alice in Wonderland is done to death. The thing that makes it stand apart for me is the two heroines as well as the place swap. But the character bios are so sparse and generic that I just dunno… It makes me wonder if there will be any actual depth to this game.

In addition, while there are six romanceable characters in total, depending on which “world” you pick (Black or White) you can only pick from three. Airi gets Rain, Minette and Nello while Luna gets Snow, Jack and Kanon.

Only time will tell how this actually turns out. My expectations are low, so I’ll be waiting for the reviews.



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