The Import Report -Ace Attorney and more otome games!

I liiiiiive!

The end of December was the perfect storm of Christmas preparations and health issues, which made it hard to sit down and focus enough to write a blog post. That said, we’re over two weeks into 2017 now and I decided that it was time to finally get my butt in gear… And by that I mean that I’ve recently discovered the joys of ordering stuff from Amazon JP and figured I might as well make a post about it.

I have a feeling that at this rate, soon, the delivery guy will know me better than my family.



Gyakuten Saiban 6 (localized as Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice)

I actually wasn’t planning on getting this one anytime soon, but when I saw that it was being sold for 2000 yen on Amazon I couldn’t stop myself.

While this game has been released in the West, it’s an eShop-exclusive title over here. As such, the box version is actually only available in Japan.

Playing this has made me realize just how much I’ve missed the series. I consider the original trilogy to be some of my all-time favorite games, after all. Despite this, I haven’t been really been following this game before release. It was partly because I was preoccupied with other games at the time and partly because the previous game, while good, wasn’t quite as memorable to me as the trilogy.

AA6 was also the first game in the series that I’ve played completely in Japanese. It was a rather odd feeling, since I’m so used to the English names. And the English puns. That’s what the Ace Attorney franchise is about – puns. Everything is a pun. The use of kanji in Japanese allows for double-layered puns!

It’s amazing.

Hyakka Hyakurou


I probably would’ve overlooked this game, because while the art is pretty, it didn’t really catch my attention at first glance, and the company responsible for it, D3P, hasn’t really known for releasing good games recently. However, some stellar reviews from people who have played it, combined with a 50% price drop on PSN prompted me to check it out.

The story follows Enju, a young girl from the Kouga ninja clan. On her first mission away from her home village she finds herself caught up in a conspiracy involving the assassination of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. So, she ends up having to run.

This basic premise makes for a quite compelling story. Though this game is shorter than what I’m used to, as I tend to gravitate towards very long games, perhaps it’s for the best, as it’s the type of story you don’t want to put down once you start reading.

I should probably also mention that, to my surprise, this game is actually going to get localized! It’s set for a Steam release under the name Nightshade. There’s no release date yet, but it’s supposed to come out in spring.

Or, if you want to play it in Japanese, but can’t/don’t want to play it on the Vita, the Steam version will have Japanese text as well.

Ken ga Kimi for V


We’re going full wafuu in the otome game department to kick this year off. First ninja, then samurai…

Ken ga Kimi for V is a Vita port of a PC game, with some new content. Though that barely matters to me, since I’m not familiar with the PC game either. The story is set a bit latter than Hyakka Hyakurou, in the Edo period. The heroine, Kayo, is play the part of the princess in a marriage procession as she and the princess look identical. On the way, she’s accompanied by six samurai as her bodyguards. Stuff happens (I presume). Youkai and legendary swords are somehow involved.


I heard two things about this game – that it’s incredibly long and that it uses quite flowery language (which, no doubt, contributes to its length). So, I imagine that it’ll be rather hard on me from language standpoint. Then again, after Steins;Gate, how bad can it really be…

And that’s all for now! If you have any questions/thoughts, feel free to share them, I welcome any comments.


One thought on “The Import Report -Ace Attorney and more otome games!

  1. YAYAAAA KEN GA KIMI!!!! 😊 Even if you find yourself confused in the prologue (because I did), the main plot will make more sense when you get to the routes.


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