The Import Report – Collar x Malice and some talk about otome games in general

If you’ve taken a look at my blog, you’ve probably noticed that I made a lot of posts about a game called Collar x Malice. Yeah, I was really hyped about it. Part of why I created this blog in the first place was because I needed somewhere I could put up my translations for it.

Anyway, the game came out well over a month ago, I got it, I’ve completed it, I’m going to talk about it now. But first, I’d like to tell you a story about how the hell I got so obsessed with otome games in the first place.

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Collar x Malice translation + State of the blog

(Note: If you’re coming here from my YT channel, wondering why all the videos are gone, it’s because they’ve been flagged for copyright and taken down. You can still watch the narrated version on Dirili’s channel, though!)

So, some of  you might’ve noticed that there have been no new Pokedex posts recently or… any posts at all, really.

To all of the people who’ve enjoyed the Weekly Pokedex (yes, all two of you), I have a somewhat sad announcement to make: the series is on indefinite hiatus.

There are two reasons for this:

One – honestly, there are only so many grammar points to talk about in the Pokedex entries, given their nature, and I don’t know how entertaining I can make these with how repetitive they would eventually get. Plus, I began feeling that I just wasn’t explaining the grammar all that well.

Two, and this brings me to my other main point in this post – I’ve started a collab with Dirili on YouTube where we’ll be uploading videos with the common route of Collar x Malice (AKA Chapter 0), translated into English. In fact, the first video is right here:

(Alternatively, if you prefer to watch it with Dirili’s narration and commentary, you can find a link to her video in the description)

Translating such a text-heavy game is a lot of work (even if it’s just a single chapter), especially for a translation noob like me and that’s another reason why there hasn’t been much going on on the blog lately.

And also, I’m looking for a job now so there’s that.

That’s all for today’s update, see you guys next time, whenever that is. (;´∀`)

Collar x Malice [X-Day Countdown III – The October Incident] – translation

Short story today. Also, as of the day this post goes up, this is the last piece of the X-Day Countdown from the official website. I don’t know if we’ll be getting any more before the game’s release, though I would assume so.

But since I’m done with this for now, I might do side character bios next? Or something. Or maybe I should get on translating stuff for other games, but I dunno which (´・ω・`)

October 7th

A video with the name of “X-Day Countdown” showing the Roman numeral “3” and a coin was uploaded to the internet.


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Collar x Malice – General Info

Soo, I know I’ve been translating the backstory stuff for Collar x Malice, but if you’ve been wondering what the game is actually about, here I am with some general info about the story as well as the main character bios.

(You could argue I should’ve started with this and you’d probably be right (;・∀・)

All of this is translated info from the official website, except for the parts which are obviously not, lol.

Now hold on to yer butts, because this is gonna be long.

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Collar x Malice [X-Day Countdown VI – The July Incident] – translation

July 1st – the killing of a stalker.

A man who had been persistently stalking a certain woman was killed by a passer-by after a scuffle.

The perpetrator is currently under arrest, but according to the testimonies of those who witnessed the incident, there’s a strong possibility that he was acting in self-defense.

However, as the criminal was, in the past, suspected of taking part in May’s X-Day incident, the trial is being prolonged, and, as of December 5th, he is still being held in custody.

After the incident, a “6” written in Roman numerals was discovered in the victim’s house, together with a coin identical to those discovered on the previous crime scenes.

Because of this, it is suspected that either the stalker’s victim or the perpetrator of the current crime have a connection to the terrorist organization. However, even after thoroughly investigating their past, no conclusive evidence to support this was found.

At the beginning of August, a new X-Day video was released on the net, making it clear that July’s incident was a part of the ‘countdown’.

“Being held in custody for justified self-defense… Don’t you think that’s unreasonable?

“Even though he’s a hero that saved a woman from a stalker, he’s being treated like a criminal.

“She had been reporting her stalker for a long time, yet the police did nothing to help her.

“We, Adonis, could not overlook such a tragedy, and we brought the criminal to justice in her stead.

“X-Day Countdown VI

“That is not all – this month, we will carry out yet another judgement as a part of the countdown.

The police are currently divided into two camps: those who speculate that the victim of the stalker was a member of Adonis herself, and those who think that Adonis simply decided to make use the incident after it had already happened.

Collar x Malice – Release Date and Opening Movie

To take a little break in-between the translations, happy news! The release date for CxM has been announced and it’s exactly 2 months from now, AKA July 28. Also, the game’s opening was released on the official site today (>ω<)

There isn’t anything in it for me to translate (it actually has some decent English in it, as well as some terrible English, lol), so just enjoy.