The Import Report -Ace Attorney and more otome games!

I liiiiiive!

The end of December was the perfect storm of Christmas preparations and health issues, which made it hard to sit down and focus enough to write a blog post. That said, we’re over two weeks into 2017 now and I decided that it was time to finally get my butt in gear… And by that I mean that I’ve recently discovered the joys of ordering stuff from Amazon JP and figured I might as well make a post about it.

I have a feeling that at this rate, soon, the delivery guy will know me better than my family.



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LocJam – Let’s Translate a Japanese Game!

Here we have something I found on complete accident while browsing the internet.

LocJam is an international game localization contest. The objective is to translate a short, simple game (entitled Ikinari no Maou) from Japanese into English. It’s around 4000 characters, translateable in a day.


The game text isn’t terribly complicated. The grammar is easy and it’s written almost entirely in kana. The objective here isn’t really in simply understanding the Japanese text, though, but rather in rendering it in clean, understandable English.

The competition runs until December 25th. I’m, sadly, I a bit slow on the uptake, as I’ve only found out about it today. Still, I figured I might as well give it a shot, though I don’t think I have a great chance at winning. I’m not even a native English speaker after all!

The participants will be judged by a jury of professional translators. Among them sits Clyde Mandelin (of Legends of Localization fame) whom I’m a big fan of, so needless to say, I’m pretty pumped about this!

As for the prizes, you can win a Famicom Mini. It’s a pretty small prize, but clearly, the prize is not the important thing here. I had no idea such a contest even existed, and I’m so happy I found out about it, I think it’s an amazing idea!

If any of you have decided to participate upon reading this: feel free to let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear about your experiences.

A guide to making sense of stats in Japanese RPGs

So you want to start playing RPGs in Japanese

Maybe you’re like me and grab the nearest available Final Fantasy game (which in my case was FFX). After all, what could possibly go wrong?

Then you get to the status screen and it’s like “boy, what should I even be looking at here.”

So, I decided to put together a little guide on how to read the status screens in jRPGs. Of course, every game is going to be slightly different here, but they all tend to have some similarities. I’m going to look at the stats from a couple popular RPGs and we’ll see how they compare.

First, let’s look at the stat screen in Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken (released simply as Fire Emblem in the West).

fe7 stats

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