The Weekly Pokedex [10] – Shellder

Hiya! It’s this time of the week again, which means it’s time for another Pokedex entry analysis. The number we’ve landed on today is 50, which means a Gen 1 Pokemon – Shellder, to be exact.


We’ll be looking at the Gold/HeartGold definition here.

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The Weekly Pokedex [9] – Timburr

Sorry I’m a bit late this week. Let’s just get right into it – the roll for today is #532, Timburr!


Timburr is known as the ぎんこつポケモン and is the Fighting (かくとう) type. To be precise, the word 格闘 refers to hand-to-hand fighting.

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The Weekly Pokedex [8] – Roserade

…Or the (mostly) weekly Pokedex as I should perhaps start calling it.

The roll for this week is #407 – Roserade, AKA the ブ-ケポケモン. Hey, it sounds almost exactly like in English.


Nothing interesting to say about the name this time, since they’re the same in both languages! What we’ll be looking for is the HeartGold/SoulSilver Dex entry, and through it you may find that Roserade is not as innocent as it looks…

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The Weekly Pokedex [7] – Cofagrigus

Welcome to this week’s… well… Weekly Pokedex. Today it’ll get a bit spooky, as our roll happens to be #563, AKA Cofagrigus!


Not much to say here this time, as its Japanese name is fairly straightforward. It’s, most likely, a combination of デス (death) and (coffin). Though for some reason the vowel in 棺 is elongated. The real fun starts with the entry itself, though.

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The Weekly Pokedex [6] – Beedrill

Hello! Sorry for another delay, but last week I actually went to another city in order to take the JLPT. I don’t intend to make this a “bi-weekly Pokedex” or anything like that, so from now on I’ll try sticking to an actual weekly schedule for real ・ω・

Anyway, the Pokedex number for today is 15, AKA Beedrill.


So, Beedrill is classified as a どくばち (poison bee) Pokemon. Before we get any further with this, let me just talk about Beedrill’s Japanese name for a bit. Sure, the English name might be a simple mash-up of “bee” and “drill”, but the Japanese name…

…is just “Spear”.


Y’know, stick with pointy end?

Well, Beedrill is just one of many Gen 1 Pokemon with similarly bland names, but that’s a topic for another blog post. Let’s move on to the actual Pokedex entry (from Emerald this time around).

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The Weekly Pokedex [5] – Wynaut

Sorry for not putting up a new post last week, by I was a bit busy with exams (´・ω・`)

This week, however, we’re back on track with number 360 – Wynaut.


Wynaut is a fun Pokemon, if only because of its name. In English, it’s obviously a pun on “why not?” In Japanese, though, it’s a pun on そうなの?(is that so?) That’s why Wynaut is one of the few Pokemon able to experience the pleasure of being a meme.

Wynaut is classified as ほがらか (bright) Pokemon.

Now, on to the Pokedex entry itself! We’ll be looking at the entry from Emerald here.

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The Weekly Pokedex [4] – Ferrothorn

This week’s roll is #598, which is another Gen V Mon – Ferrothorn! If you’ve battled online recently, chances are you see this thing all the dang time. On the other hand, I imagine it doesn’t see too much use in-game, since that 20 base speed is painful.  But, I mean, who expects a metal-covered plant to be fast?

Anyway, I decided to take a look at its Pokemon White Pokedex entry!


I’m actually not 100% sure where Ferrothorn’s Japanese name comes from. I mean, the ナット part obviously just means “nut,” but the レイ part? No clue.

Ferrothorn is classified as a とげだま (spiky ball) Pokemon.

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