Undertale out in Japanese on Steam, PS4 and Vita


Let me tell you something – I might have a hard time picking a favorite-favorite game, but Undertale is somewhere up there for sure. I had been waiting for it since I had first played the demo, in 2013, and it was well worth the wait. Hell, it’s a game you can reasonably beat in ~10 hours, and I had over 30h clocked by the time I felt ready to move on.

And now not only has this hit of an RPG been released on the PS4 and Vita, but it was also officially released in Japanese! Both on these two platforms and, just a few days ago, on Steam, which means a couple of things. One: it’s an easily-accessible, well-known RPG, in which you can switch freely between the two languages, and which doesn’t use a lot of kanji, meaning it’s great for practice.

Two: I was very curious how such a wordplay- and joke-heavy game would be localized. This lead to the birth of a YouTube series in which I aim to find out just that, and the first episode of which you can find right here: